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WarTech: Senko no Ronde REVIEW - Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 55

Round one... FIGHT... er, DANMAKU! SHOOT! DASH! ... umm, ALL OF THE ABOVE! In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD we take a look at the genre bending WarTech: Senko no Ronde for the Xbox 360. Is this fusion of Fighter and Shmup a worthy entrant, or will it fall flat in the arena?

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Eschatos REVIEW (Xbox 360) - Bullet Heaven HD Episode 53

Region-free games are just great; when a company makes its games accessable to anyone in the world that would like to play it, it's always a great thing. Speaking of great things.....

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Trouble Witches Neo! REVIEW (XBLA) - Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 52

It has been a long time coming and finally, the oft-requested Trouble Witches Neo! Gets a review. It's not often that an indie game get this level of treatment on the XBLA marketplace, but does Trouble Witches Neo! live up to its expectations? 

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Akai Katana REVIEW (Xbox 360) - Bullet Heaven, Episode 51

After a fairly lengthy hiatus, Daeruna's back, and we can safely say: sometimes being wrong is the best thing ever! With Europe getting so much shooting love with games like DoDonPachi Resurrection, Rising Star Games brings Cave's Akai Katana to the Xbox 360, and shows that there can still be retail-released Shmups in North America after the questionable Otomedius. But is it worth your time? Oh man, sit down and "GET READY"!!

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Video Games and Contractual Business Models

The video game industry used to be very flexible. You bought a game, popped it into your console, and let the magic begin. If you wanted to, you could invite a friend over for some two-player action. No restrictions, no subscriptions, and no DRM since it was unneeded. The internet, however, changed how we play, purchase, and pay for our games -- for better or worse.

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QCF: Bloodforge

Just minutes into the beginning of Bloodforge, you’ll probably tell yourself “this certainly isn’t God of War.” And though Crom has his moments, he’s certainly not Kratos. In fact, it feels like he’s trying a little too hard to be everyone’s favorite revenge-seeking maniac.

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Bullet Heaven EX -- PAX East 2012 PREVIEW: Crimson Dragon

In this special episode of Bullet Heaven EX, we get hands-on with Crimson Dragon for the Xbox 360 Kinect at PAX East 2012!

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GDC 12: Microsoft Developers day Live blog