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QCF: Retro Game Crunch

t's certainly no secret that in my faded, old, dying eyes, the golden years of gaming are now a bygone era with only reminders of its glory remaining in my collection of cartridges and CD ROMs that, for the most part, currently reside in the closet of my studio. Pixels and bits trump system specs and polygons. FOR LIFE!

To that end, I'm loving PC gaming more and more, especially with the increasing number of retro-inspired and old-school feeling titles on services such as Desura, Steam and the Humble Store. Sure, there are typically zero physical copies appearing for the PC platform for these games, but that doesn't make the games any less fun and often times, they are nice and affordable.

One game that is sure to strike the fancy of any retronaut like myself is Retro Game Crunch, a delightful collection of 3rd generation-inspired titles, complete with the huge pixels, lo-fi sound and often-brutal difficulty old-timers like myself crave the ever-loving bits out of. Each title is totally different from the last yet somehow manages to stay just as fun and fresh between games. But for $15, is it worth your time? Get ready for a Ser Flash Seven-Part Machine-Gun review for Retro Game Crunch!

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QCF: Deadpool

This review was freelanced by Gregory Wright, you can find his other works here.

'll come clean with you guys: I'm not a huge comic book fan. It's not that I don't want to be, but these damn "video games" keep sucking up all my free time. Despite that, even I know who Deadpool is. Games such as X-Men Legends II, the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games, or even Marvel vs. Capcom 3 introduced me to the character, and I have to say, Deadpool is a hard guy NOT to like. How do you dislike someone who constantly breaks the fourth wall and treats everything like a joke? So after years of playing the supporting character role, Deadpool is finally starring as a headliner in his own game.

And knowing Deadpool, this is going to be a bumpy ride...

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QCF: BattleBlock Theater

he Behemoth always knows how to take a classic formula and make it something special, be it with aliens and Russians in Alien Hominid or the absurdly hilariously animated brawling antics in Castle Crashers, thier games just ooze style and humor. No small wonder with their vintage internet roots on Newgrounds.com. And, as it turns out, things have only still kept getting more awesomer, for real, with Battleblock Theater, a tale of shipwrecked friends, mysterious feline entities on a mysterious island, and Hatty Hattington, friend of all and forced to watch himself test the mettle of all those he loved in a jail-turned theater of sadistic horrors, aggressive cats, constant danger, and certain death.

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