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QCF: Fable: The Journey

The Kinect is still a concept that’s fairly challenging to grasp. Since its release in 2010, developers have excitedly tasked themselves to produce compelling features that generate experiences involving full body motion unlike anything we’ve ever seen beyond the limitations of a tactile interface like a controller. The reality, however, is ironic in its own right. All of the restrictions Kinect enforces through strict regulated motions lack the access of multiple utilities of the very same interface it wishes to advance from, resulting in the production of a few successful titles from its integration, and some dreadful failures to match.

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QCF: Wreckateer

I went into Wreckateer with extremely low expectations. Given the abysmal showing the game had at E3 this year and the fact that it looked like an Angry Birds clone for Kinect, I was expecting to lazily flap my arms like a jackass while boulders broke stuff. After spending some time with Wreckateer, however, I began seeing how it's much more than just a clone of a cell phone game. In fact, this may be one of the better Kinect games on the Xbox that doesn’t require you to perform the Jersey Turnpike for bonus points.

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E3 2012: Microsoft Keynote Live Blog


Bullet Heaven EX -- PAX East 2012 PREVIEW: Crimson Dragon

In this special episode of Bullet Heaven EX, we get hands-on with Crimson Dragon for the Xbox 360 Kinect at PAX East 2012!

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QCF: Mass Effect 3

This review was freelanced by writer and friend of the cast James Wells. 

It’s hard not to come at Mass Effect 3 without the squeal of a fanboy who has invested five years of his life into the series. Bioware’s space opera is one of the best things to happen to sci-fi in the last 20 years, and with the third installment bringing the epic story of Commander Shepard to a close, the big question is whether Bioware could  live up to its promise of making your decisions matter to a story five years in the making. For the most part, the Edmonton studio has achieved that promise, however impossible it may have seemed.

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GDC 12: The Kinect Tracking Session Live Blog


QCF: Fruit Ninja Kinect

Are you finding yourself utterly disgusted from the sight of an apple? Have all those years of slipping on banana peels left you emotionally crippled? For all of you passionate carnivores out there, Half-brick has the game for you!

Fruit Ninja, the twenty million selling hit, has now landed on the Xbox 360. It also utilizes the Kinect, which has seen little or no support since its release last November. Half-Brick intends to change that trend, but the twenty million dollar question falls on whether or not Fruit Ninja Kinect is worth the investment.

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E3 2011 Impressions: Microsoft

The stage is brightly lit, almost as if it were extracting all light within the conference center, and leaving the audience with anticipation that's dense as the dark surrounding them. A voice then welcomes the crowd, as the theater above suddenly illuminates with the Xbox logo. The presentation immediately transitions to business, with one of the most anticipated sequels of the year being demonstrated to the conference attendees, and kicking off the forum of upcoming releases for Microsoft’s catalog of 2011.

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