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Bullet Heaven #224 - Battle City (FC)

We finally acquired one of our very favourite games from our childhood and the last early famicom game we were missing that we played frequently on our 31-in-1 converted Famicom cartridge! The game? Battle City. Its significance? Enourmous. Still as good? Worth the wait? Let's see how it stacks up. 

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Bullet Heaven 221: Galaxy Frontier
Bullet Heaven 222: Debris Infinity
Bullet Heaven 223: Shikhondo Soul Eater

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 217 - Raid on Bungeling Bay (Famicom)

 lot of early Famicom shooters aren't exactly the most noteworthy entries in STG history. But what's this? A basic shooter with real-time strategy elements? By Will Wright?! Oh, and a weird name. I guess it's time to check out Raid on Bungeling Bay! How does it stack up?

In the Credits
1917: The alien Invasion DX (Switch)
Gunbird 2 for Nintendo Switch (Switch)
Tempest 4000 (PS4)

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 179 - Hector '87/Starship Hector (FC/NES)

ullet heaven SAGAs returns! Following up from Hudson Soft's 1986 Star Soldier, In Volume 3 of the Star Soldier Saga, we're taking a look at the first series offshoot from the series proper: Hector '87! It's a ridiculously hard game that pretty much requires a turbo controller... but how does it stack up?


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Bullet Heaven, Episode #161 - Star Soldier Saga Vol.1: Star Force

Tecmo may not have especially many shooting games uner its belt - they're much more famous for their fighting games and early sports titles - but one very early arcade title shook up what people knew about space shooters and singlehandedly created a whole subgenre: The Caravan Shooter. Released to the Famicom in 1985, Star Force paved the way for the venerable Star Soldier Series... but how does it stack up?  

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PPR Presents Play Play: Gimmick!

ew Platforming games really define the very core of what it means to jump in order to live; take for example a little green toy dude by the name of Yumetarō—a creature who lives and breathes the mantra of “Platform till you die.”

Georgie, Ser, and New comer Gill join in on this latest Play Play of the adorable yet mostly confusing ride of Sunsoft’s Gimmick for the Famicom, as they try to comes to terms with the reality of all these googley dead-eyed cute things want us to die so damn badly.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 92 - Crisis Force (FC5#5)

onami has been a video game industry mainstay for almost as long as video games have been around. They were also behind several iconic NES and Famicom games back in the systems' heyday. One game that never quite reached mainstream legendary status at first was Crisis Force, released in 1991. With its Japan-only, Famicom only release, it has garnered quite a reputation in the decades since its release... but how does it stack up?  

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 90 - Super Xevious: GAMP no Nazo (FC5#3)

evious Fardraut Densetsu (Episode 76) wasn't the first radical departure from the original Xevious to be released; in 1986, Namco released GAMP no Nazo to the Famicom and it was pretty fresh. But how does it stack up...??

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 89 - Macross (FC5 #2)

n this episode of Bullet Heaven, we take a look at the first-ever collaborative efforts of BAN-DAI and Namco with the horizontal Famicom shooter, Macross. based on the classic anime, how does this early licensed Famicom game stack up?  

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