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Bullet Heaven, Episode #161 - Star Soldier Saga Vol.1: Star Force

Tecmo may not have especially many shooting games uner its belt - they're much more famous for their fighting games and early sports titles - but one very early arcade title shook up what people knew about space shooters and singlehandedly created a whole subgenre: The Caravan Shooter. Released to the Famicom in 1985, Star Force paved the way for the venerable Star Soldier Series... but how does it stack up?  

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Press Pause Video-Episode 02: Pro Wrestling Video Games

hat do you know, it’s another edition of Press Pause Video, and this one is a real slobber knocker! The gang gathers around to talk about the history of Pro Wrestling video games and the impact that they have left on each other as a respective media. We also talk about tasty animals, cubic poop, and other things but that’s beside the point, just put on your favorite wrestling tee, click on the play button, and enjoy the damn show!

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