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QCF: Lumines Remastered 

s many can attest, falling-block type puzzle games are my jam. I love me some Tetris, Dr. Mario, Panel De Pon…you name it. If it has a block that falls and can be combinated with others for big score payouts, I'm there. One such game that I've spent a lot of time with over the course of its existence through many iterations of the franchise is Lumines, originally released on the PSP in 2005 with numerous sequels finding their way mainly to Sony consoles and handhelds with the odd installment appearing on XBLA.

Lumines ended up being one of the more addictive puzzle games I've played, going so far as instilling intense “Tetris-Effect” visions of the playfield on shower tile walls, square linoleum patterns on the floor, even just in my creeping subconscious with my eyes closed before drifting to sleep. At a certain point, I was also one of the best players in the world, holding high, top-10 rankings in the XBLA version and utterly crushing all of the local competition.

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 198 - Space Invaders Extreme (Steam Ver.)

In episode 153, we took a look at Space Invaders Extreme on the PSP. We preferred it to its DS counterpart due to its excellent prenestation. But now, Degica Games and Taito have retweaked this great game for the 40th anniversary of Space Invaders (and the 10th for Extreme itself!) resulting in what could be the best Space Invaders game ever crafted. How does it stack up?


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 153 - Space Invaders Extreme

e're no strangers to the Space Invaders series here on Bullet Heaven; despite three games in the series already under our belts, there's still a ton more to see! In this episode, we take a look at the Playstation Portable's Space Invaders Extreme, released in 2008 by Square-Enix. How does this super spruced up classic shooter stack up?   

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PPR Presents Play Play: A Back To The Future Special

he date of October, 21, 2015 was a pretty big deal; it marked the end of an era for most, and the start of something new for everyone—the Back To The Future trilogy has officially come full circle, and is now a relic of the past in more ways than one.

Robert Zemeckis’ and Bob Gale’s story of a restless teenager and eccentric scientist friend looking to seek more out of the life has been revered for up to thirty years now, and the PPR crew has decided to take a look at some of these titles on the date the duo decide to embark into the future.

Join Ser (someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of history with the franchise) and George ( a diehard fan who cites the trilogy as his favorite film property of all time) as they wax about odd facts and memories of series while playing some of it’s more favorable video game adaptions.

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Bullet Heaven Mini, Episode 3 - 1942

ini. Mobile. Shmups. Welcome back to Bullet Heaven Mini! 

One of the earliest shmups to get me hooked in the Genre was 1942 on the NES. It later saw release on the Game Boy Color in 1999. How does it stack up...?

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PPR presents Play Play: Star Tropics

ne of the strangest first-party games from Nintendo, a western-ass western game developed for the star Japanese console. Star Tropics is a little weird, a little bit of a gem even, but none of that matters because Rob Rich fucking hates this game. Before we get into some Halloween fun with our Play Plays, we decided to dive into a little bit of this forgotten game and plead that Nintendo brings bit back, or maybe we decide that it’s better off dead, who knows…

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QCF: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

This Review was Freelanced by Cody Winn; you can find his other work here.

he Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker caused quite a stir in the days of its original release on the GameCube. Fans had wanted and expected a dark, mature tale akin to Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask, made all the more real by next-gen hardware. What they got instead was a painted cartoon world full of stubbly-legged characters and a vast, empty water world. Though received quite well by critics and eventually by fans as well, backlash from such a huge change hit it pretty hard. Despite all that, over the years Wind Waker has fought its way into history as a Damn Good Zelda Title deserving of every ounce of love it now receives.

10 years later, we've been given an HD remake for the Wii U, complete with prettier textures, Gamepad support, and access to Nintendo's social network-esque MiiVerse, where you can take Link selfies -- a great addition for the Instatweetbook generation -- and post them for all to see. I joke about it, but it's actually pretty entertaining.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 76 - Xevious: Fardraut Densetsu

ne of the very first scrolling shooters from the very dawn of gaming itself is Xevious, released by Namco all the way back in 1982. Introducing time-tested gameplay mechanics that would last over 3 decades, Xevious saw numerous ports and spinoffs. One such game is Xevious: Fardraut Densetsu on the PC Engine, released in 1990...

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