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PPR Presents Play Play: A Back To The Future Special

he date of October, 21, 2015 was a pretty big deal; it marked the end of an era for most, and the start of something new for everyone—the Back To The Future trilogy has officially come full circle, and is now a relic of the past in more ways than one.

Robert Zemeckis’ and Bob Gale’s story of a restless teenager and eccentric scientist friend looking to seek more out of the life has been revered for up to thirty years now, and the PPR crew has decided to take a look at some of these titles on the date the duo decide to embark into the future.

Join Ser (someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of history with the franchise) and George ( a diehard fan who cites the trilogy as his favorite film property of all time) as they wax about odd facts and memories of series while playing some of it’s more favorable video game adaptions.

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