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Nothing is Working, Everything is Broken

ey everyone, I’m sure you’re all slightly confused as I have no doubt that you’ve already read the title of this feature post, and what it naturally suggests, and that’s understandable. Which is why that I have decided to begin with a disclaimer what I’m trying to accomplish in this peculiar admission of mine, and some important bits of clarification that are real crucial to the meaning behind it.

I have spent weeks trying to write a fair, and objective review of Assassin’s Creed Unity to be published on Press Pause Radio, and have now reached a point where I no longer feel comfortable with the idea of doing so.

After giving it a considerable amount of contemplation and consultation among other members of the crew, I’ve reached the decision that this game is just too broken for me to just grade on a scale of the scale of quality that we typically adhere to.

In other words, the amount of shit that’s unabashedly broken and fucked in Assassin’s Creed Unity his hit a point with me, one where it is beyond any redemption or worthwhile attempt at to plodding through the unbridled mess that is, regardless of any merit that could be mined out of the content’s intent alone.

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PPR Presents Now Showing: 08/12/2014

he summer doldrums carry on, and while the some of us here on the site are enjoying the down time in between the reviews and podcasts, the season is perfect for pumping all of us up for the holiday season that’s upon us.

The theme in this Now Showing is Multiplayer folks; there’s that fancy shmancy new next-generation multiplayer Assassin’s Creed Unity. Then there’s the multiplayer of the upcoming Natural Doctrine from NIS America for the JRPG fans salivating for it on the PS4.

Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds fights it’s way on the PS Vita, encouraging players that they can still bring a friend or two. Finally, WayForward is working on the third Adventure Time game to hit consoles soon; we don’t know if it’s multiplayer to be honest, but it looks fun as shit.

The heat’s coming round, and before we know it, the sunshine will be gone so soak it in while you can, I know we are—because within weeks, we’ll be hitting the street of Seattle for PAX Prime, enjoy the trailers folks!

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PPR 67

Was Freecell ever on the Turbo Grafx 16? Eh, it doesn’t matter, because there are so many other games that are so much more worthy of your time. This week, the PPR crew gathers ‘round to discuss the 16-bit underdog with its Japanese counterpart hitting 30 years of age recently. On the way, James and George argue over the true merit of Assassin’s Creed III, Toast bids for an N-Gage to cheer him over his troubled Vita, and Ser hates on the Avengers and so much more.

If you guys have anything to share with us, email us at mailbag email, presspauseradio@gmail.com, or call us and leave a voicemail at 469-777-8255 (PPR-TALK) and get involved. Join our forums while you’re at it and may everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving!

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QCF: Assassin's Creed III

The science -- scratch that -- the entire concept of genetic memory is something that exceeds top levels of comprehension; a notion with so many dimensions encompassing the theory of history inscribing itself into our very being. And while such speculation is largely dismissed in the eyes of parapsychology, it’s still a possibility. Assassin’s Creed has always focused on the theme of such an idea and, in some aspect, metaphysically manifested it in many ways beyond its science fictional approach. All of the subsequent titles have played off each other and attempted to retain traits that worked versus that which didn't, and evolve mechanics within the core elements of the overall design.

Unfortunately, time has not been kind to the principles of Ubisoft’s action-filled open world venture. With prior entry Revelations having struggled to justify its relevance within the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed III shows its age despite the effort it makes to reinvigorate the formula and sets the bar even lower for the series.

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E3 2012: Ubisoft Keynote Live Blog


Why Physical Media Continues to Linger

There’s no denying it – with services like Steam and Xbox Games on Demand, video games head closer to an all-digital market each day.

Take Sony’s last portable failure as an example. The PSP Go was a sign of gamers waking up and realizing how they’re paying full price for less than half of an object. With most digital copies, you own nothing, and the publisher maintains the right to pull the plug whenever they see fit. Most gamers aren’t ready to completely let go of physical media… at least not on dedicated systems from companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Sure, the iPhone is an all-digital handheld, but remember – everyone owns an iPhone, and most of the games are dirt cheap.

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QCF: Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Trapped... Desmond Miles is trapped within his own fractured psyche, his mind, desperately at ends with distinguishing what’s real and what’s fantasy. Desmond takes the only course of action he can. He sets out to finish the story of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who also picks up the trail of his legendary forerunner, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad.

Enter the fourth entry in Ubisoft Montreal’s open-world action game, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. The epic conclusion of Brotherhood left many with an insatiable appetite to continue the fight and return to Ezio’s story, but does Revelation satisfy the hunger we’ve had?

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Finding the Stormtrooper complex in video games

In the year 1994, Kevin Smith wrote, directed, produced, and even acted in one of the most successful and influential independent movies of modern film culture by the name of Clerks. A famous scene from the film involves the titular protagonists Dante Hicks and Randal Graves engaged in a heated debate over the morality concerning the explosion of the second Death Star caused by the rebel faction in Return of The Jedi, an entry from the revered Sci-Fi series Star Wars. The debate was over the politics concerning the needless death over hypothetical citizens that may have been independent contractors (off-screen and script mind you) working towards the reconstruction of the planet-killing vessel for the Empire, in what could have been the equivalent of a government sanctioned job in contrast to reality.

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