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Nothing is Working, Everything is Broken

ey everyone, I’m sure you’re all slightly confused as I have no doubt that you’ve already read the title of this feature post, and what it naturally suggests, and that’s understandable. Which is why that I have decided to begin with a disclaimer what I’m trying to accomplish in this peculiar admission of mine, and some important bits of clarification that are real crucial to the meaning behind it.

I have spent weeks trying to write a fair, and objective review of Assassin’s Creed Unity to be published on Press Pause Radio, and have now reached a point where I no longer feel comfortable with the idea of doing so.

After giving it a considerable amount of contemplation and consultation among other members of the crew, I’ve reached the decision that this game is just too broken for me to just grade on a scale of the scale of quality that we typically adhere to.

In other words, the amount of shit that’s unabashedly broken and fucked in Assassin’s Creed Unity his hit a point with me, one where it is beyond any redemption or worthwhile attempt at to plodding through the unbridled mess that is, regardless of any merit that could be mined out of the content’s intent alone.

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QCF: Valiant Hearts: The Great War

o say that the depiction of war in video games is a bit misgiving when it comes to displaying the harsh reality of its trauma and destruction would be an understatement, because video games are supposed to be fun; who has the stomach to digest all of that deep shit, am I right?

Valiant Hearts is an emotional campaign that challenges the usual representation of those historical conflicts by centering on the first global battle that rocked our planet. The third UbiArt Framework driven game from the Montreal studio is an unassumingly beautiful animated take on World War 1 that truly channels the cruel gravity of conflict in ways that are equal parts compelling, as they are heart wrenching, to a deafening extent the deeper players venture through it.

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