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QCF: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

efore military shooting affairs were all the rage, Microsoft penned all of its hopes on a series, one that  eventually become the flagship brand that defined it—a space marine fantasy filled with as many guns, aliens, and bits of action that could fit on to the disc; Halo set the first-person shooting genre on fire.

That was then though, and like it or not, the shooter landscape has long moved on from the prime of Bungie’s galactic odyssey, and even in spite of 343’s development of Halo 5; the relevance of the franchise is arguably still up in the air as far as mainstream shooting appeal is concerned.

Enter the Master Chief Collection, an ambitious collection that containing upgraded revisions of the four main titles, complete with online integration that allows for a combination of the various elements and nuances of from each entry to experiment and customize with.

Indeed, questioning the value offered within this arrangement of games itself, is a hard-pressed argument to counter; but considering the jump to better hardware and age of these particular games being hyped here—the expectations are respectively loftier the second time around.

So it’s sad to say that when it comes down to it—The Master Chief Collection barely justifies it’s worth beyond being anything more than a budget bundle with a savvy price tag—the reality is that it’s simply a glorified revision of games that scantly improve upon the originals that we’ve all played to death years ago.

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PPR 67

Was Freecell ever on the Turbo Grafx 16? Eh, it doesn’t matter, because there are so many other games that are so much more worthy of your time. This week, the PPR crew gathers ‘round to discuss the 16-bit underdog with its Japanese counterpart hitting 30 years of age recently. On the way, James and George argue over the true merit of Assassin’s Creed III, Toast bids for an N-Gage to cheer him over his troubled Vita, and Ser hates on the Avengers and so much more.

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QCF: Halo 4

The Master Chief is back and is making his debut with 343 Studios behind all his covenant killing antics. With Bungie not being at the helm for the first time ever and Master Chief making his first appearance in five years the expectations for Halo 4 are high from fans. 343 is hoping to make a statement with the first game in its Reclaimer trilogy, and while 343 didn’t take many chances with this installment I would have to say that the result of 343’s hard work pays off with one of the best entries in the series.

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