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QCF: The Wolf Among Us-Episode 5

he fifth and final episode of The Wolf Among Us Season One released recently, however I have been having some difficulty in finding time to enjoy the conclusion to this adult themed fairy tale. I have not been able to decide if the reason is due to the newborn baby that rocks next to me as I write this review, or if it is because I’m afraid of how this will end. As Sheriff Bigby Wolf, I have made some mistakes, and I’ve hurt people that may not have deserved to be hurt. I’ve also attempted to do the right thing, and to make justice my top priority. However now we find out if that was all really worth it; if doing the right thing means that the wrong person has to suffer and if the big, bad wolf is human or just a vicious animal.

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QCF: Beyond: Two Souls


This review was freelanced by Kevin Lipscomb, co-host and editor of Critical Fail.

laying a Quantic Dream game is not your normal experience as seen in most games today. It's very interactive and your choices affect how the game will progress. Indigo Prophecy was one of the first games able to make you feel like you were the character, making decisions as the player  would in that situation. Granted, the story was great until it dropped off at the end but that is how I learned of David Cage's writing and ability to craft a story. Same would go for Heavy Rain, a game with stunning graphics and a solid story, at the beginning at least. Heavy Rain was plagued with plot holes that were never answered, most would speculate due to lack of DLC they had to scrap after Sony wanted Move support as a priority. I still enjoyed both Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain despite the issues they had. So when I heard that Quantic Dream was coming out with a new game called Beyond: Two Souls, I was excited but also nervous of its outcome.

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QCF: Dungeonland

 do not enjoy amusement parks. I know that must sound crazy, but hear me out here. You wait in line for hours just for a few minutes of being tossed around in a metal box that can be sometimes a tight fit for people my size. The food is always overpriced, the crowds are unbearable and by the end of the day you just wish that you would’ve spent the day doing something else. Oddly enough, that’s the feeling you may have after playing a few hours of Dungeonland. Although some ideas seem fun and the concept on paper is enticing, it fails to keep the excitement going for very long.

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QCF: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

ince it’s unveiling earlier this year, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale has constantly received comparisons to another system exclusive fighting game. All throughout this year, I was one of those people commenting on the similarities and how Sony and Superbot Entertainment were simply capitalizing on a formula that has been proven to work. I am very happy to report that after many hours of playing across the single player and multiplayer modes, the final product does not just compare to the other mascot brawler on the market, it does even better and in doing so exceeds my lofty expectations.

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QCF: Dokuro

Two years ago, the indie puzzle-platformer Limbo mesmerized gamers with its stark black and white graphics, mind-bending puzzles, and unexpected amount of gore and child dismemberment. Everyone played the critically lauded, award winning game for its soundtrack, visuals and brilliant game design that was frustrating without ever feeling unfair as long as you were thinking hard enough. Apparently SOMEONE since then thought Limbo just wasn’t Japanese enough. And that guy made Dokuro.

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QCF: The Walking Dead: Episode 4

With past choices and the terrible circumstances still fresh in their minds, the group of survivors are on a one way stop to a potential escape from the zombie hordes that pursue them.  However once their train arrives in Savannah, Georgia it is very clear that this ghost town is far from dead and some of its inhabitants do not want them to reach their destination. Once completing Episode Four of The Walking Dead, there will be more questions than answers however it blends great dialogue and storytelling mechanics with a better use of action scenes to set the mood perfectly as the finale to the first “season” approaches.

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QCF: New Little King's Story


Why is Obama always complaining about creating jobs? It’s so EASY in New Little King’s Story! Though, I’m a pretty great king. All of my subjects love me, even if I constantly lead them into dangerous situations for my own personal gain. I also get my pick of seven princesses, all bidding for my heart. I’ve even got my own big, fancy throne! It’s good to be the king. Even a little one.

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QCF: Offspring Fling!

Offspring Fling is a nice blend of puzzle/platform, and the rules are simple enough. As the momma, your job is to get the babies to the door safely. The offspring can be carried (even stacked up) or flung in a straight line. The stage layout and placement of puzzle elements are the barrier to your success. Switches enable or disable blocks, bumpers ricochet objects, enemies will actively obliterate your kin, and so-on. Each new stage gradually incorporates more set peices, and thickens the complexity of the challenge.

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