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QCF: Bloodborne

ow that the skill and challenge of video games has caught a second wind, the waves of difficult games have been coming out of the woodwork from both the western, and eastern hemispheres of the world. The thrill of ever stacking odds working against your favor is slowly growing into insatiable sensation that’s winning over the free time and attention of those who fall victim to it’s addictive, yet punishing taste.

A relatively new property to have come out of the last generation of video games by FROM Software is credited with pioneering the resurgence of mercilessly challenging gameplay design we’ve seen on the modern scene with their “Souls” franchise.

While still relatively niche on the whole, Sony’s involvement with the developer may have changed the game with the latest title from the mold, Bloodborne; a celebration of everything that makes the cult-style of action game so intimidating, and so appealing all at once.

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