Life Through The Pixel Glass-01/09/2013

elcome to the latest edition of Life Through The Pixel Glass. Wait, hold on; say what? I hear we’re going to see some proper Pokémon releases on the 3DS? Let’s hope that Nintendo does more than add some glossy visuals and transitive three-dimensional perspective, because if that’s the case then the franchise may start hammering nails in its own coffin. Don’t misunderstand, I am actually excited for this entry as opposed to the lack of interest I shared with the last generation, but imagine how amazing it would be if Nintendo implemented cross-platform play with the Wii U and released Pokémon X/Y on it as well. It would blow your mind and you know it. Anyway, on to the feature.


Now, I know it may seem cliché to share anything video game related from Etsy at this point, but these just inched themselves into being a valid exception to the rule. I’ve seen dozens of iterations of controller being transformed into belt buckles but never have I seen any being made into a wallet, well, more like coin purse really. It may not be the most practical answer to store credit cards or even your driver’s license but stick a few Benjamins and lump of quarters and you have yourself one rad little cash holder. Hell, when you think about it, this wallet has potential to ward off any would-be muggers you come across just from the sheer build of its architecture and zipper design; you could even do the Konami code on it every morning for good luck! If you’re interested in grabbing one of these for yourself, it’s going to cost $20 and the zippers also have a variety of colors to choose from.

Nerd super group extraordinaire, ARM CANNON, recently dropped their latest album on their website and has made it available to stream and listen to giving you the luxury of “try before you buy.” The hottest licks can be listened to right on over to your left, but if you want some hot (and I mean HAWT) recommendations, then might I suggest “Hi, I’m Mark Spandrill” just for the insane breakdowns and splits between tempos on their tribute to the famous Megaman X track. Another sanctioned pick from their track list and arguably the best song on the album is “Corona to Rigor.” The tune gradually elevates from its humble synthesized beats, into an effervescent guitar harmony with the mandolin beats to enforce the rhythm into a dreamy metal orchestra of the Chrono Trigger inspired track. The album can be yours for a measly $10, and that’s either version, so whether you need that physical CD for your catalog or you want to file this record away into the depth of your MP3 library, you need to get your hands on the latest record from ARM CANNON; Leg Vacuum 2.

Do you remember the eventful year of 1996 like I do? We had games like Super Mario 64 breaking on the scene and others like Chex Quest. Yeah, you know that one cereal that more people enjoy mixed with other snacks then an actual bowl of milk, well; it had its own game too. Chex Quest was first-person shooter before it was cool, and for being a Doom-mod, it surprisingly holds up to today. How would I know that you ask? Because I just played and you can too, and you don’t have to sign up for 50 hours of America Online to play it either, just download it here (courtesy of Chucktropolis) and dive into all 3 chapters of epic battle again the evil Flemoid scum!

Ok, so travel back to the present, I’m sure you’ve heard of Journey right? That indie darling that won awards left and right in various Game Of The Year awards from 2012 (us included.) What if I told you that before Journey and Flower, the same studio staff that makes up Thatgamecompany developed a third-person puzzle adventure for the PC, and that you could check it out for free? That game is Cloud, and you can download it here. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t really checked this one out at all, I just stumbled across it on the web and thought that the legacy preceded Journey was worth a look, especially since it’s free. Toss in your two cents on how you liked it in the comments section or on our forums.

The story behind Wholehog games is one of the most prototypical indie origins you may have ever come across but these guys are worth the attention. Made up of individuals who had a hand in developing Hardcorps: Uprising and Japanese exclusive Nurarihyon no Mago: Hyakki Ryouran Taisen, the team is currently finishing up their Kickstarter campaign and have reached their projected budget goal produce their latest game Full Bore. The game is a puzzle hybrid of Mr. Driller physics in a Metroidvania styled word that has your mining for gems and surviving…as a boar. If the concept sounds a bit too hokey for you then you should visit their website, check out all the details with behind-the-scenes look on their development, and, oh yeah, download the free demo available on their site for a firsthand take on the title.

Cardboard Computer is kicking in 2013 with an episodic point-n-click game before anyone else tries to cash-in on the coat tails of Telltale, but hey, I’m not exactly being fair am I? More like Telltale has opened up the possibility of commercial success with for a point-n-click that maybe just as life changingly gratifying as The Walking Dead was. The game is Kentucky Route Zero, and from the looks of it, the presentation has a nice touch of minimalistic visuals with the vibe of eeriness that’s juxtaposed between the likes of LIMBO and Sword & Sorcery. Cardboard Computer promises to emphasize on characterization and development above anything else and make an experience worth having though the heavy use of ambience and aesthetics to advance the plot forward. The first episode is available on their site now for $7 or you can pony up (no pun intended) $25 for the first episode and the season pass to the reaming episodes as they release, along with the soundtrack and private updates from the studio themselves.

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