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Bullet Heaven, Episode #180 - Bullet Soul Infinite Burst

n episode 83 and 170 of Bullet Heaven. we took a look at Bullet Soul: Tama Tamashii. It offered great, newbie-friendly bullet hell thrills and some good scoring mechanics... as well as a ton of DLC included in the Steam package in specific. The newest version of Bullet Soul, Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst, follows that specific release, once again on Steam... but how does it stack up?


Get Bullet Soul Infinite Burst! 

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 170 - Bullet Soul

n Episode 83, we took a look at the region-free Xbox 360 vertical shmup, Bullet Soul, from 5BP and Tachyon, published by Mages. Now appearing on Steam with all DLC from the 360 version, how does this release stack up? And just how much is a metric Buttload...??  

In the Credits:
Bullet Soul: Tama Tamashii (Xbox 360)
Shooting Love 10 Shuunen (Xbox 360)
Espgaluda II (Xbox 360)


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