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PPR's Top 5 Super Mario Maker Levels

t’s only been a week since the release of the anticipated DIY-centric adventure about gaming’s star plumber, and we’ve already been treated to some of the niftiest stages, and levels to have ever come out of the minds of intrepid gamers everywhere.

Seriously, some of the stuff to come out of Super Mario Maker so far has generated a sensation that contemporaries like Little Big Planet could only dream of, and it’s only going to get bigger. So while we’re preparing our review of the game, and enjoying some of the shenanigans ourselves, I figure that I would share with you all, my top five favorite levels to have generated out of the fun little Nintendo experiment so far and their respective access codes—in no particular order mind you, they’re all really awesome.

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QCF: Until Dawn

t isn’t until the unfortunate passing of Wes Craven that it dawned on me the appreciation for the classic stylings and tropes of yesterday’s fright-fests and the terror-induced nightmares they dished out after spending a couple of hours of watching a bunch a hapless teenagers getting hacked to bits.

At some point, we’ve all exploded out of our seats in excitement back at the screen, so that we could root for the characters we wanted to live to live through the danger they were in, and in some of those instances, we lament over the poor choices that lead to their demise.

This sort of engagement often dissipated the empathy that was intended to connect with the viewer, and would instead lead to them boasting that the scenario would’ve played out much differently were they placed in that lethal predicament in lieu of the lovable idiot that bit the dust.

Well, while no one would ever really want to be wrapped up in that sort of hell, Supermassive Games gives us the next best thing with the exclusive title to hit the PlayStation 4.

Until Dawn proves that something as silly as keeping eight teenagers alive for a whole night can be one of the most intense commitments that you can ever hope to engage out of a video game yet.

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