The Add-Console Concept: A Press Pause Radio Retrospective

So I figured I would do another perspective on a concept that just became wildly unpopular among the gaming community & developers themselves. I'm talking about Add-on consoles, consoles that can not function on their own but instead, use the resources of another console in unison to create a new platform, Now there was major surge of these consoles about in the early nineties, with Sega, NEC-TTi, & Atari with their add-on consoles & Nintendo nearly doing so themselves through a failed agreement with Sony.

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So I think I should also mention that our blog & also any major update is also pretty late as well & I apologize for that, as with all the other shit that we mentioned went down with the last couple of weeks, but we have been on the up & up. We'll soon be on Zune & with some changes in the works, First off we'll be having a new segment on the show know as Press Pause Radio which will be our Review segment known as Quarter Circle Forward, our Review segment to where we would take turns every other episode

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Win A Sega Dreamcast!

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast and because we at Press Pause Radio believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience this great piece of hardware, we are giving one away to a lucky listener. What's the catch? Nothing really, all you have to do is listen to episode #8 of Press Pause Radio and near the end of the show we will reveal instructions on how to enter. It's that simple. So either subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or listen to it right here.

And if you enjoy the show, why not submit a review on iTunes? It would be helpful to us and we'd really appreciate it. So good luck to everyone that enters, you can submit your entry in the comments section below, or email andrewhandshoe@gmail.com. Thanks!


The PPR Top 5 Week-09/20/2009 Top 5 2.5D Side-Scrollers

So this is also another new thing we will be doing with the Top 5 segment for Press Pause Radio. we've been posting up the choices & lists on our pages of course as well as discussing them on the episodes that we have done so far but now I have also decided to do some in depth looks at the choices that are made for each new episode & off course why they were chosen or what kind of light we felt that Press Pause Radio would like to have brough to it. We have already dont a few Top 5 lists since I introduced it back from episode 5 so with this being the newest list to start this new trend I figured I'd get the ball rolling with a bit of an off kilter list if you will about a sub genre that doesn't get the love that it deserves which is the 2.5D side-scrolling of games

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So you probably saw this coming & well yeah...I don't blame you, even though it was the Sega console that was considered to be the last stand that Sega had left to give & fell under pressure against the launch of the Sony Playstation 2 & many other circumstances as well, the Dreamcast is still regarded as one of the most celebrated consoles in video game history & leaves a legacy within just a half of year making it a full two years while the last game release was in Febuary of 2002, retail sales were slashing prices on remaining product, the Dreamcast has a legacy that is up to par to even rival the Playstation 2 which is just now nearing discontinuation...

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Prince of Persia: A Press Pause Radio Retrospective

Before we begin, I’d like to answer some of the questions you may be having right now. Yes, I am writing about a game that was released late last year.  And yes, some people did like the previous Prince of Persia titles compared to this one. I’ll admit that this is the first Prince of Persia game I have played, and so I may have a biased opinion of this game. And finally, no, I will not spoil the game if you have not played or finished it yet. Ok so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way allow me to discuss why I enjoyed talking to Elika so much, and why Prince of Persia has stuck with me long after finishing the game and the Epilogue.

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So PPR wants to know!


So you may or may not already know that I am currently co-hosting a podcast called Press Pause Radio. If you have checked it out, thank you very much for the support. If not, you can find the episodes on iTunes, or on our website at http://www.presspauseradio.com. you can also contact us at our Myspace, 1up, & Twitter.

The purpose of this message has to do with our newest episode, which is about video game collecting. Do you have an extensive video game collection? Have you acquired multiple collectors editions and hard to find titles, or imports? Own many systems old and new? We at Press Pause Radio would love to hear about it. We are currently trying to establish a community within the site and podcast, and you are all enthusiast friends of mine.

What I would like to do is have a post on the website along with our next podcast that features the community's collection. If you have pictures or stories about your collection, please feel free to share by sending them through this site, or my email andrewhandshoe@gmail.com.

Thanks for your time, and I hope that you check out the site. We are currently re-designing the site and will have a message board coming soon. Thanks again!



We took this opportunity going over a big aspect of of the video game lifestyle, which is collecting games. We take a look at just why exactly gamers who collect, take the concept of collecting to a whole other level no pun intended at all. We discuss personal memories & thoughts on what exactlty posseses individuals to hold on games in numerous number, or search out niche games or platforms.

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