PPR 110

oylent Green is people, or some shit like that—there we just saved you an hour and thirty-seven minutes, or did we? We may have just pulled a super dick-move, all for just lazy comedy bit, and you’re probably super mad at us right now (assuming that you lived under a rock, and haven’t the seen one of Charlton Heston’s finest performances of course.)

This is the current climate of things, and no media is immune to the tyranny of spoiler culture, be they video game, film, or book, the nuances and charm that comes from the investment that we put into these cherished pieces of content can be ruined in an instant by the inconsiderate actions of a complete stranger.

We think that’s bogus; join Andrew, Ser, and George as they tackle the talking points that deal with Spoiler Culture, and why it’s gradually becoming more and more prevalent in the media spaces we keep. In addition to that, we talk about Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee edition, Street Fighter V Season 3, Bosskey Production’s Closure, Kenny Omega, getting a haircut, Apple being stingy with Valve, Ikaruga, God of War, the usual shit talk on the Ouya, and more. Smash that link, and get in on this episode before someone else spoils the sweet fart joke that Ser makes at the 45-minute mark!

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Show Notes:

A Nintendo 64 Classsic Would Actually Be a Terrible Idea


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