PPR 32

You have been given a choice; listen to the newest episode of Press Pause Radio or ignore it. We really really hope you choose to listen. Please? On this week's episode we will be discussing moral choices in video games, and the popularity of such games as Fallout and Fable. With so many western developed games utilizing choice as a option in the role playing experience, will we see this trend continue in other genres? The group will discuss this as well as updates to the Xbox 360 dashboard and George's Kinect impressions. Serraxor will also be reviewing Ys: The Oath in Felghana for the Playstation Portable, and proudly informing the listeners of becoming the best in the world in Raiden Fighters Jet Score Attack!

Thanks to everyone for listening to the show and providing feedback on the forums as well as our social networking sites. Don't forget to review us on iTunes or Zune before December 4 for your chance to win our massive Zom-Blowout contest with over fifteen games!

PPR Episode 32

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