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QCF: Submerged

f there’s one thing that any action video game needs, it’s a sense of stimulus, something that engages a reaction, and response to whatever’s happening on screen, and more often than not, the very first go to for the violent route—good old fashioned combat.

So imagine if you will, a title that endorses action and peril, but no combat, or violence of any kind to threaten you? It’s a game that completely relies on the agency of exploration and world building in a story that’s centers around the human condition during a time of tragedy, and hopelessness.

This is Submerged from Uppercut Games, an apocalyptic setting with veiled premise that attributes global warming to be the culprit behind the tragic setting, where a woman and her injured little one find what little refuge they can within a dilapidated building that’s floating alongside the remains of buildings for miles, upon miles in view.

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PPR 96

eal life responsibilities be damned! Press Pause Radio is back with another episode on the scene and we got a shit-load to talk about as far as the new trend to hit games in a momentous way in recent months—crowd-funding/sourcing for development.

Between George lamenting the melodramatic tragedy of needing to restrict his salacious hand tugging in the shower, to Andrew coining the new hashtag that no one ever asked for or wanted (#WWOD), and then there’s Ser purchasing a Wii U lot that came with a bunch games that were actually released this generation.

We toss about the use of Kickstarter, IndieGogo, the inception of FIG, and all that—the act if giving money to an entity that defines are interest in these dumb things that we call video games is quite the hot button of discussion to be having.

Until Dawn, Beyond Eyes, Submerged, Super Mario 3D World, Destiny, The Witcher 3, Tembo The Bad-ass Elephant, Rare Replay, Battletoad butts, and just, so much, more!

Just listen to it already, I think we’ve covered enough don’t you?

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