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Vintage Play 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the official Vintage Play podcast! "The Shmup Duke" Serraxor and Sean from Press Pause Radio have dedicated themselves to becoming time travelers and searching for the best and the worst in retro gaming. This has lead to the creation of a video show and supplemental podcast entitled Vintage Play. On this landmark episode, the two discuss how horrible Shadowgate would be on the Philips CD-i, the awesomeness that is U.N. Squadron and the potential that the recently announced OUYA will bring to the game business. Thank you for checking out the first episode, and come back for much more in our retro travels, and expect guests from Press Pause Radio as well as many more in the gaming community.


Press Pause Radio's Vintage Play focuses on the retro age of video games. Whether it’s special podcasts, editorial, or even reviews, when you see the mark of Vintage Play, you can expect a trip back to the time of plastic cartridges and CD-ROMs (which makes us realize we’re old as shit).


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Ser Flash's Cheapskate Holidays

If you're like me, you're poor. You don't have enough cash to spread around as you'd like, and that often means, unfortunately, that games get the cut in favor of food, shelter or other essential commodities. But that doesn't mean you can't have hours of fun in front of your ten-dollar, 13" TV from the Salvation Army (or Goodwill, if you prefer.)

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