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QCF: Yoku's Island Express

ith so many open-world adventures on the indie game market today, a majority of newer titles are now throwing all of their weight behind the craziest gimmick they can offer with their experience in hopes of finding a large enough of an audience that will praise it. While the experimentation hasn’t paid off every title, there is one new idea that has crossed expansive level-design into a territory that it has never been in before—pinball dynamics.

Villa Gorilla’s premier title explores the juxtaposition between side-scrolling platforming and a pinball table turned on its side in Yoku’s Island Express, a tale about a dung beetle who employs his spherical excrement as a means to bounce around and about through the obscure tropical arrangement of flippers and bumpers just so he could deliver some mail. In all honesty, the game is a lot weirder than that made it sound, but fortunately, it’s a whole lot more enjoyable too.

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NEW SERIES! Import Heaven [#001] - Fantasic Pinball: Kyuutenkai

n this pilot episode of Import Heaven, we take a look at Fantasic Pinball Kyuutenkai, a video pinball game from none other than... Tecno Soft?! How does this unlikely title stack up?  

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PPR 62

"I thought I was the Bally table king, but I just handed my pinball crown to him". There is such a rich history involved with the pinball industry and the community of players, that current gamers definitely owe a debt of gratitude to pinball. From humbled beginnings, illegal operations and persecution to the rise and the fall of the pinball machine there have been many stories and tales associated with various flippers and metallic balls. The PPR family will discuss this as well as the small factions of players that continue to keep pinball enthusiasm alive and well. We also discuss Select Feedback from the listeners and dwell over recent news and events. Thanks for taking the time to allow us into your eardrums, and please remember to rate and review us on iTunes, Zune and Stitcher Radio so we can continue to reach more and more listeners. Also friend of the show Rosario is currently gathering support for his twenty-four hour gaming marathon will all the proceeds going to Extra-Life. If you have any time or contributions please make sure to send them right here. PPR and Rosario appreciate the support!

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