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Bullet Heaven EX, Episode 25 - Dariusburst CS DLC: Sega Pack

n EX Episode 24, we took a look at the Taito DLC pack for Dariusburst CS. It featured an amazing amount of content and some truly great BGM tracks, not to mention a low price tag, all things considered. Now it's time for round 2, featuring three DLC packs of the Sega variety! How do they stack up? Let's take a look!  

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Bullet Heaven EX, Episode 20 - Delta Zeal Revisited

n episode 84 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at Shooting Love 10-Shuunen, which contained XIIZEAL and Delta Zeal. We liked what 10-Shuunen had to offer, and XII Zeal was a winner on its own... so now that it's Delta Zeal's turn, how does it hold up on its own?  

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