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QCF: Earth Defense Force 5

'm disappointed in all of you. every, single, one, of, you. None of y'all thought I'd like to know Earth Defense Force 5 was even coming out in North America? Like, really?—I mean, really?! Well, I hustled and this review is damn well happening because... EDF! EDF! EDF!!

You may remember the last time we took a look an EDF game here on PPR. I was at the helm of that one as well: the PS3's EDF 2025 (EDF 4 in Japan.) As far as North American releases go, I have them all. There's never one I miss. You might say I'm a fan. After all, I notoriously jump at the chance to play any new EDF stuff, and it turns out, Earth Defense Force 5 is no exception. So how is it? Let's (wing-)dive in!

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