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Interview with Electric Underground: Bullet Heaven

  had a chance to sit down and smart-bomb the breeze with the Electric Underground Shooting Game Podcast! If you've ever wanted the real nitty-grooty on Bullet Heaven, the processes behind it and more, this is the place to find it! Special thanks to @Mark_MSX for having me on! 

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 152 - Zenodyne R

eam Grybanser Fox is an indie outfit with a penchant for making really hard shooting games. 2015's Zenohell was a good run but ultimately left Grybanser Fox unsatisfied... and their newest entry, Zenodyne R aims to fix that. Super-hardcore veterans will likely get a kick out of the ultra fast, no-mercy style gameplay. But how does it stack up for the rest of us?

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 130 - QP Shooting Dangerous

gitated animals, armadas of killer bunnies, UFOs and a lack of pudding both physically and in the collective minds of a planet... What's a diminutive starving dog girl to do? The answer lies within QP Shooting Dangerous!! from Orange Juice and Fruitbat Factory... but how does it stack up?

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PPR 68


Many of us have been raised around video games, and the industry has grown up with us. But what happens when the future generation begins to take an interest in this hobby and culture? The group will discuss these points, and also argue the question of whether or not some of us should even have children. Have you seen Toast before? We also answer your questions, speak about the massive amount of games being played at the end of the year and potentially  tease an upcoming podcast based on THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME. Be sure to tune in and and hear all about it!

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Bullet Heaven Season 3 Premier: Episode 42 - Sky Destroyer

Bullet Heaven is back, and better than ever! In this episode, we welcome Player 2, Daeruna, to the fray and check out an old Famicom Classic, Sky Destroyer, released in 1985 by Taito.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 37 - Game Tengoku: The Game Paradise

In the 90's parody shooters were the hot new thing that every company that made shooters had to get on the bandwagon with. Starting with the legendary Parodius, several parody shooters sprung up and saw release mostly in Japan. Jaleco also joined in the fun with Game Tengoku: The Game Paradise in 1995, though all of the properties used were ancient, even at release; the newest game that elements were used from was six years old by the time Game Tengoku reached arcades, and all but one of the original games stayed (officially) in Japan exclusively. It would later be ported to the Sega Saturn in 1997. Is Game Tengoku worth a look after all...?

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 31 - Darius Twin

The Super NES, as it was, didn't have a tremendous amount of shooters for it compared to the Genesis and TurboGrafx-16. For the most part though, the shooters that did appear were polished and fun to play. Well, usually. As the first ever console exclusive game in the series, Darius Twin offered solid, 1 or 2 Player Co-Op play in 1991, albeit with few bells and whistles. How does it hold up?

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