Mudprints Unboxes: Hyperkin Hyperclack Mechanical Keyboard

A new keyboard was sorely needed on our end of things, and only one had the kind retro aesthetic that would make it right at home in my space-limited, retro-saturated studio; the Hyper Clack Mechanical Keyboard from Hyperkin! We set to work with it for a solid month for scripts, reviews, editing and gaming top see what's up (and we're still using it!) Just how does it stack up?

Get the Hyper Clack here! 


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This Musprints Unboxes was made with a unit provided by the publisher for review and as part of sponsorship. Our sponsorship with Hyperkin is ONLY for equipment and is not paid for in any way; as such, the opinions herein are EXPRESSLY our own and are not paid for by Hyperkin, developers, publishers or any retailers or resellers in any way.

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