PPR 113

an, did you hear what the Quarter-Man said about the Neo Geo BFT?! That's going to be so much hype right? How many times have we as the gaming community seen this scenario play out? Hype being controlled by the developers and publishers is nothing new, however nowadays it seems like the slow drip of information long before a title is to be announced can be damaging to a games momentum. The crew discuss the culture and marketing behind industry leaks, as well as random things in the sky that frighten us and current controversies such as crunch in game development and NERF guns at the resurrected Toys 'R Us.

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Show Notes:

MetalJesusRocks and Ser talk Shmups

What is Vaporwave?


Muzzy Commerical (so weird)

That thing Georgie saw in the sky

Tiger R-Zone?


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