Evo 2016: Capcom Street Fighter V Panel

reetings everyone from the Evo World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a full day of traveling and settling into our hotel the day begins for PPR on Friday at 10:00am during the Capcom panel to discuss all the new content coming to Street Fighter V. To be honest though, it seems like not much was announced at an event that seems to be centrally focused around Street Fighter.

The panel begins with Capcom reaffirming the release of the Shadows Fall Story DLC available as a free download. Summer Costumes are now available as of today's panel, and Survival Mode Colors will be available for purchase in the future. This comes as relief to some and frustration to others that have already completed the in-game requirements to unlock the specific colors (Colors 3-10). Juri and Urien were officially announced as the next downloadable characters, with Juri releasing before the end of the month. This will complete the first wave of DLC characters, however there was no mention of any new characters after the release of Urien later in the summer.

Now onto the specific patches and fixes to the gameplay of Street Fighter V, which to the lamen such as myself may fly over my head like a fireball I don't know how to perform. Input lag is being investigated internally, however no changes will be made until end of Capcom Pro Tour 2016 later this year. Something like this hopefully does not affect the play during Evo, as a new patch that was released before the tournament began seems to have several people stating some input issues and lag. Former tournament player and community manager Peter "Combofiend" Rosas would then go on to present some interesting statistics showing the best time to play online which is 7am, whereas the worst time to play online is 2am. Something to keep in mind for anyone that is attempting to obtain higher ranks and earn fight money in game. 

Finally moving onto additional new DLC content, Alex and Ibuki Nostalgic costumes will be coming soon, with the nostalgic Bison Thailand Stage being released as well. The panel would go onto announce that the Capcom Pro Tour would have a new partnership with Sony. To celebrate the new partnership, Capcom Pro Tour DLC is now available for download, including new costumes for Chun Li and Cammy. A new stage, the Ring of Destiny is also available which is a dynamic stage that will change the banners to highlight upcoming tournaments such as Evo and CEO. 22 Pro Tour colors are also available for each character. the full bundle will be available for $24.99 and includes all DLC including a new costume yet to be announced.

Sadly for me it seemed that the panel and it's hosts of announcements were safe and not super exciting. I can only hope that the announcements are being saved for the Top 8 and finals on Sunday since the tournament is being broadcasted on ESPN2 and the reach would be greater for any big announcements. 

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