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neaking up on whatever you have to do can have its own little reward, and sometimes, it’s probably a big pain in the ass; The art of Stealth is truly a divided camp.

Join Andrew, George, and newcomer Gil, as they go on to discuss the duality that comes with espionage-focused titles, whether it’s the empowering sense of control, or the crippling anxiety from losing said control—the topic gets hit pretty hard and deep.

In addition, the gang goes on to talk about Bayonetta 2, Skylanders: Trap Team, Vegan Bacon, Shadows of Mordor, how gross Ann Geddes is, Sunset Overdrive, Alien Isolation, Ass to Mouth, The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo, household cats, Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, and much, much more.

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Show Notes:

What If Anne Geddes Photographed Adults Instead of Babies?

The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo.


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