Want Bunny Must Die on Steam? VOTE TODAY!!

At PAX East 2012, I was privileged to receive the world-exclusive first look at the first full North American build for Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils, the upcoming metroidvania action release developed by Platine Dispositif.


Bunny Must Die! Finally has a release date, set to be published October 12th, 2012 by Rockin' Android on both Desura and Gamersgate. But hold on, what about Steam?!


Well, it turns out a Steam release is a bit trickier; In an ironic twist, Bunny Must Die requires to be green lit by fans in order to see a release to ensure there's enough interest, despite Rockin' Android's Gundemonium Collection (also developed by Platine Disositif) seeing a very positive reception and decent sales. So here's where you come in! Head on over to the Steam Greenlight page and vote up Bunny Must Die!


I loved what I played of this game for my preview, and I wholeheartedly believe that this game should be played by as many people as possible! Vote 'YES' today!!


 Or else...

--Original Press Release -- 

Los Angeles, CA, September 11, 2012 Leading publisher of Japanese independent games, RockinAndroid, announced today that their 2D exploration-based platformer, Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils, will be released for PC on October 2nd via digital distributors Desura and Gamersgate for $9.99 USD. Other distributors may follow. A Steam release of the game is being pursued via a Steam Greenlight page and will only be allowed on Steam if it receives enough positive votes. RockinAndroid is actively seeking any and all support and encourages supporters to spread the word.


“If it were up to us, Bunny Must Die! would already be on Steam,” says Adam Milecki, Editor/ Media Relations for RockinAndroid. “It's certainly of the caliber youve come to expect from Steam releases, and yet it stands apart from the crowd as its own delightfully unique experience. Unfortunately, Greenlight is the only way we can bring Bunny Must Die! to Steam, and we need every bit of support we can get. Please spread the word!”


RockinAndroids release of Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils will feature full translation, optional fully remixed soundtrack by Woofle of Gundemonium Collection fame, and optional graphical tweaks. The game is still planned for release at a later date on consoles. In Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils, the hilariously over-the-top action-platformer game, Bunny must brave the depths of the DevilsLabyrinth and overcome the powerful 7 Devils. Battle through a large, connected map filled with unique enemies, traps, and puzzles. Use magical items like the Sylph Shooter and the Hyper Heels to give Bunny ultimate power. Manipulate the fabric of time to solve puzzles and survive. Only with your assistance can she brave this dangerous maze and defeat the 7 Devils...


For more information, visit the Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils or RockinAndroid official site:




About RockinAndroid, Inc.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Rockin' Android is a recently formed electronic entertainment publisher specializing in independent Japanese (or doujin) videogames and online downloadable games that feature a combination of highly stylized anime visuals and stunning character designs with easy-to-follow interface controls. Rockin' Android launched in 2008 with the PC game release titled Suguri Perfect Edition and has gone on to release titles such as Gundemonium Collection and Crescent Pale Mist. RockinAndroid has released titles for both PC and PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network with additional platform support planned.


More information can be found at www.rockinandroid.com.



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