PPR 29

We are a week early on this episode of Press Pause Radio and for very good reason. Episode 29 is a star-studded event that is so huge, it could barely be contained in our bi weekly schedule. We welcome special guests Drew Zimmerman of the now defunct Pixel Dreams podcast, Steve Black Jr. of The Pokémon Podcast and Ray Barnholt of, as well as the Retronauts and Sound Test podcast.  We at Press Pause Radio are truly humbled to have such great guests, and it was truly a pleasure to record with them all.

On this week's episode we will discuss more news from the Tokyo Game show and current events, Serraxor has a review of SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu- Goddess of Destiny for the Nintendo DS and we hear from the listeners in a segment we like to call Select Feedback. The featured topic is all about the resurgence of retro or old-school games. It's safe to say that classic games from our past are not only popular once again, but have ignited a new trend in gaming. Our guests weigh in on the "neo-retro" craze and discuss why it has become such a success. As always feedback via our iTunes page or through our voicemail is greatly appreciated. Thanks once again to our guests for making this show a great success.

PPR Episode 29

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