PPR 25

The podcast finally appears from the ashes of the broken recording computer. We at Press Pause Radio are happy to present to you, our dedicated listeners episode 25. On this episode, we cover news from Comic-Con as well as the official pricing for Kinect. Select Feedback makes it's debut, where we respond to voicemails, twitter and forum posts. The voicemail number for anyone who would like to call in is 209-566-0190.

George reviews Protect Me Knight, a Xbox Indie Game which transitions nicely into our feature topic. With the indie community seeing it's greatest success yet, is the state of independent game development and homebrew games on the rise? Or is it still viewed as amateur and underground? We will discuss this and more on the most Indy podcast on the internet: Press Pause Radio!

PPR Episode 25

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Hehehe, you guys are great! *^-^* Thanks so much for the plug!! Aaron's twitter is: theCherneymin.

Awesome podcast! I knew the Indie community had to be a fairly big thing online, but I didn't realize just how big. I've checked out that Charles Barkley game before (at least I think so... isn't that the one where basketball is outlawed and Jordan is now a cop or something)... anyways, if that's the game I'm thinking of, it's pretty effing amazing. Sadly, I had forgotten about it, so thanks for reminding me of it. I think I'd like to play through it! :D

Beautiful song at the end!


August 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKnittedFox

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