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PPR 74

his is quite possibly the most ridiculous E3 predictions podcast we’ve done yet.  To start, Ser hates it, Arrested Development is fucking it up, Andrew and James get wrapped in Dungeon and Dragons Next (yeah seriously, it’s like they think they’re on that other podcast or something), and George is an asshole for buying the Super Mario Bros the movie soundtrack on Vinyl. Among all the other nonsense, the gang manages to squeeze in some games from their backlog and predict some events and releases to come out of the biggest video game conference of the year, which is debuting in less than a week. There’s plenty of PS4, Xbox One, and even Ouya talk so check it out and enjoy the show.

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PPR Presents Versus-PS4 VS Xbox One: Andrew Against James

elcome to the latest feature to hit Press pause Radio: Versus! Considering that the name is fairly self-explanatory, we’ll go ahead and illustrate the deets just to clarify. This feature is all about our fellow PPR casters and writers getting into heated clashes of wits as they settle their differences through detailed arguments and organize them against one another for you guys to decide. Here’s the first bout guys, so enjoy!

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