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PPR Presents Limelight: Sea of Thieves Beta Part 2

s we close in on the release date for the Microsoft exclusive Sea of Thieves, the fine people at Rare are allowing our ships to leave the harbor one more time in another closed beta this weekend. Please join our resident pirate-in-training Toast as he attempts to find treasure and avoid being puked on as we sail on the high seas. One thing to keep in mind is that Rare has specifically rolled out this closed beta as a stress test so expect some choppy waters as we say in the pirate business. I know that pun was from the last stream but I will keep on using it until people start getting mad at me. The stream will begin at 11pm Eastern 8pm Pacific time, and if any of our community are playing in the closed beta and would like to take on the adventure together look for Toast PPR.

Watch live video from PressPauseRadio on www.twitch.tv