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PPR Games Club: The Last of Us

013 has come out swinging when it comes to video games this year, and with the next generation looming over our heads until the Holidays, we’re being treated to some of the best game of this generation—like The Last of Us. Andrew has finally finished the stellar game, which means James and George can just get it out of there system already and cover every last detail and spoiler in this mega packed Games Club. Oh, and we have a guest too, some guy names Bert from some other podcast we’re working; we also talk about Poison, the Amish, and County Fairs like the bunch of assholes that we are.

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PPR Games Club: The Walking Dead

ell it’s the new year, you know, the big twenty-thirteen, and what better way to move on then to do a Games Club on our Golden Zonkey awarded Game of The Year title, The Walking Dead. Telltale was able to create a tale of misery and emotion in five episodes, and beyond all of the zombie madness, we learned what it truly is to protect what you love, no matter what the cost. Join us for this latest Games Club with Andrew, George, and special guest Dana, as we test our humanity (or in some cases, cast it aside) in this three hour spanning show where we cover all five episodes from start to finish. Come joins us and keep a box of Kleenex nearby so you can relive the trauma all over again with your favorite podcast, (or not, just listen to the show already!)

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