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QCF: Mortal Kombat X

hile the medium of video games has surely played host to a litany of aged franchises that have handily worn out their welcome through the years, there’s no denying that there a few franchises with a sense of appeal that truly stand the test of time.

And among these exceptionally iconic properties, there are those few choice that barely earned that love among the gaming community by the skin of their teeth, and this particular title is one of those prime examples.

As strange and brutal as this may sound, I think the best thing that could’ve happen to Ed Boon and the remainder of the Mortal Kombat team (now presently working at the newly formed Netherrealm Studios) was the dissolution of Midway Games. Because it was at that juncture that the veteran group of developers truly stepped up their game and Mortal Kombat X is the finest example of that statement yet.

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QCF: Batman: Arkham Knight

hen Rocksteady defied the odds with their stellar take on the caped Crusader with Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009, the sky was the limit with all of the potential its foundation of gameplay had to expand upon within the rich fiction that the Dark Night’s universe had to offer.

Like, what if we could take Batman out of the Asylum, and onto the mean streets of Gotham city itself, able zoom around the urban crime scene in his trusty Batmobile and everything, with entire skylines to grapple and slink though and all!

Six years, and three entries later, Rocksteady Games drops the latest title to grace the Vigilante’s iconic gaming series that promise to deliver all of that and more; Batman: Arkham Knight, and now that it’s finally here—it’s kind of disappointing that the reality doesn’t live up to the expectations we had with the fantasy all those years ago…

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