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Bullet Heaven Episode 222 - Debris Infinity (Switch)

ullet Heaven Series X has commenced! Time to get thjings rolling with a Geometry Wars-style twin-sticker on the Nintendo Shmup! Debris Infinity is pretty straightforwards, but implements some great additional features. How does it stack up?

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PPR Presents Play Play: Assault Android Cactus

hat do you get when through in colorful robot heroes, bright danger lasers, and a struggle between good and evil that has absolutely nothing to with cacti? You Android Assault Cactus of course, the feverishly fast-paced, brightly colored Twin-stick shooter from Witch Beam Games.

Join Ser and George as they blast their way through the gauntlet of levels and challenges that await within this indie love-letter to  old-school shooters, all the while George makes some shitty references to Code Lyoko…

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