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PPR 120

ehind all of the larger-than-life voices, brands, streams, and memes, the video game industry is made of people—it seems more folks in high places are forgetting that.

In an effort to deliver better content, at a more consistent pace, we'll be continuing the format we introduced last episode, and it's one that’s going to be different from the one we’ve done for the last ten years. Instead of catching up on all the news and games that have happened between shows before the chosen featured topic, we have decided to release each of these segments as a dedicated episode in their own right, including the featured topic, with a projected weekly schedule in mind—so this week, it’s a featured topic.

One that we felt was important to discuss—the ever-growing toxicity of the game industry in terms of its operation, and the harmful culture that’s been unavoidably seeping from it as a result. Between Jason Schreier’s recent coverage of the work environment of Nicalis behind the scenes, to the Nathalie Lawhead’s harrowing account of her time with Smoking Gun Interactive, and the traumatizing experience of working with Jeremy Soule—the industry has just been so shitty lately…

We share our thoughts and ideas for what kind of solutions that we, as a community, and a force (however humble) in the industry can serve to fight back against the ugliness shown this past months or so in video games. Just a heads up; we get pro-union real quick, and could give a shit less if you disagree, so save that energy for something more productive than a stupid comment yeah? Oh, and also, on a lighter note, if you were hypothetically involved in a tragic accident that mutilated your genitals in attendance to a TV broadcast of a game show, how much of a settlement would the studio need to pay out to you to resolve the whole thing?

This is the question that we leave with you for the nest show…enjoy the show!

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