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QCF: The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier

f there’s one thing that Telltale has proven as a game developer in recent years it’s that they can offer an experience that’s close to the chest for any given property and its respective fandom. Among all of the licenses they’ve tackled however, there’s one particular adaption that truly represents the pedigree of the studio more than any of the other games they’ve helmed, and that’s the Walking Dead.

The third season picks up years from where we left off from the last time we saw Clementine, and while returning players are presumably breathing a collective sigh of relief to see her face grace the screen once more, Season Three’s “A New Frontier” isn’t centered on the steadfast teenager’s struggles in the post-apocalyptic world—we have a new player on the field.

More importantly, the first two episodes are quick to build upon a theme that effectively instills a growing sense of tension in each and every turning point crossed; legacies are bullshit, and nothing is sacred to those who want to survive.

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QCF: Batman: A Telltale Series Episode 2: Children of Arkham

espite how resonant the premise of Batman may be towards the conceit of a Telltale-designed game, the first episode of the series played it surprisingly safe when it came to the approach of narrative in their spin on the Dark Knight. The roles of Harvey Dent, Selena Kyle, and the other notable regulars of Gotham City all played their role up to any fan’s expectation of the plot, and the novelty of the choice-driven gameplay being used in this world and the focus on Bruce Wayne seemed to be the main attractions offered.

In Episode 2 of the series however, the Bat gauntlets are seemingly taken off, as Children of Arkham works to rock the foundation of just about every convention of the Caped Crusader’s universe that fans have come to know and care about, and the results undeniably enthralling, if not admittedly unsettling at the same time.

It’s going to be pretty hard to avoid spoilers from here on out, but I’ll be damned not to try—the shake-ups start happening right of the bat (pun intended, and I could care less what you think of me for it.)

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QCF: Batman: A Telltale Series Episode 1: Realm of Shadows

here’s always one quality that the Dark Knight has consistently shared with the Man of Steel that has carried on through the ages—their respective civilian identities were the actual alter egos, and not the heroic personas they portray. The reasons behind their conflicted points of identity couldn’t be more different though; Clark struggles to make himself more human in order to seek acceptance from the race he seeks to protect, but Bruce views it as a lost cause, something that he lost that night at the age of eight.

As such, it isn’t often that you’ll see a whole lot, if any focus on Bruce Wayne other than a necessary foil at times to his life as Batman and nothing more. The idea of that part of his life being the focal point of a video game sounds even more absurd when you factor in the notable lack of punching his real life counterpart deals with than his bat-one does.

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Five Reasons You Should Return to Jurassic Park

Between the intriguing stories and an island filled with dinosaurs galore, Jurassic Park has always been a series worth returning to; the folks at Telltale games would definitely agree. I had the privilege of speaking with Telltale Video Production Artist Nick Herman at PAX East, who also showed me a demonstration of the upcoming game. A spiritual successor to the point-and-click adventures of yesteryear, this fresh version of Jurassic Park is a game hardcore fans and newcomers alike should definitely sink their jaws into. To support this claim, here are five reasons why I'd highly recommend returning to Isla Nublar, regardless of the dangers you'll face.

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