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QCF: Life Is Strange: Episode 4: Dark Room

hen we last left off on Life is Strange, players were greeted with the best of intention going horribly awry, and how the consequence of changing one thing, lead to changing everything—Max copes with this and the Dark Room, and the end result will be sure to leave anyone who experiences it shaken.

While Episode 3’s Chaos Theory still stands as the magnum opus of the season, The Dark Room keeps up that momentum, and stands as the chef d'oeuvre to the finale of Life is Strange. All of the development to the cause and effect of Dontnod Entertainment’s choice-driven has a scale of influence in the predicaments that’s follow, and that fact that it brilliant builds from those experience that player’s have invested into the series so far, is what makes the impact of each outcome that’s reaped so provoking.

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