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QCF: Valkyeria Revolution

ven after nearly 10 years since its initial release on the PlayStation 3, the impact of SEGA’s Valkyeria Chronicles still resonates throughout the tactical RPG scene to this very day, continuing to be sold on Steam after the windows version hit the store recently.

Since then though, the property’s transition into a full-fledged series has only propelled it further into niche territory, with two direct sequels releasing exclusively to Sony’s struggling handheld at the time, the PSP, and the other not even making it out of Japan. Hell, there was even some bunk-ass mobile game that didn’t last for more than two years before it was kicked off the market, and servers shut down—Valkyeria’s true claim to fame still bellied onto the original in the states.

Shooting for the chance that lightning will strike twice, as SEGA brings on Media.Vision, the same developers responsible for the Wild Arms and Chaos Rings series to create Valkyeria Revolution; a spin-off sequel to the franchise that’s available on both console, and portable.

While the premise in this venture certainly is interesting, Valkyeria Revolution seems to have left behind most of the qualities that made the Valkyeria experience so charming and likable in the first place.

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Bullet Heaven, Episode #177 - Lightening Force (GEN)

n series 1 of Bullet Heaven, we took a look at Thunder Spirits on the SNES and Thunder Force V: Perfect System on PSone. Both games tried to capture the magic of the Sega-hardware-based Thunder Force series with varying success; Thunder Force V was great, though considered by many to be inferior to the Saturn (though we disin't think so) and Thunder Spirits was skippable, in favor of Thunder Force III and AC (Also available on Sega Saturn in the Thunder Force Gold packs.)

 Well we're back to take a look at a REAL Thunder Force game! Uhh... Lightening Force. Also Known as Thunder Force IV literally everywhere else, whoe does this Genesis shmup stack up? Let's take a look!


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Bullet Heaven, Episode 163 - Aero Blasters/Air Buster (TG16/GEN)

Air Buster isn't exactly a household name when it comes to shooters, but if we're talking Turbografx-16, Aero Blasters is a name that should perk up at least a few ears. It's finally time to take a look at Aero Blasters and Air Buster on Bullet Heaven... so how do they stack up?  

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Import Heaven #003 - Steamgear Mash

Cheap is good, especially when shooters are so darn expensive! We thought it was just an action game, but Steamgear Mash might have actually been better featured on Bullet Heaven... if it had any sort of a scoring system, that is. But how does it stack up?


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PPR 101

ow many times have you been told that a video game has to be played above all else, a game that has to be experienced to be believed, or something that made you feel like you were playing with power, or loud?

Hell, what about all things that it does that the other games just don’t, and the nonsensical screaming and camera shaking that followed… If you recall any of the reminiscent of the aforementioned occurrences that were described, then you my friend may have bared witness to the infamous “video game commercial.”

While we discussed what the effects of a hype train can hold, the publisher-funded adverts that’re pushed down our throats to refurbish that same sort of sensation may be going the way of the memory card before we know it. The gang gets together to discuss some of the commercials that they remember, and the effects that they had along with the shifting climate of game advertisement and more along with all the latest news and announcements that have been dropped as of recent.

We’re talking Red Dead Redemption 2, the Voice actor strike, Skylanders Imaginators, Layer Section II, Burly Men At Sea, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, The Nintendo Switch, Destiny: Rise of Iron, the PS4 Pro, which movie is better between Super Troopers and Beerfest, and more!

So start listening, and get N or get out, or whatever, no one’s really forcing you honestly…

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 154 - Night Striker S

ow here's a game that Ser has been just itching to play ever since he got a small, tiny taste of its flavour in the Dariusburst CS Taito DLC back in Episode EX24. In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD, we take a look at the first 3D scaling-type shooting game to be featured in Bullet Heaven: Taito and VING's Night Striker S! How does it stack up?

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Import Heaven #002 - Wangan Dead Heat

ith 50% of the Vote, Wangan Dead Heat is the next game on Import Heaven! Developed by Genki, Wangan Dead Heat is a street racing game with an emphasis on getting a selection of ladies all hot and bothered with your sick race ethic. But a certain publisher looms large on the cover... how does it stack up?

Be sure to vote for the next game to review on Import Heaven at the end of the show! 

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Bullet Heaven EX, Episode 25 - Dariusburst CS DLC: Sega Pack

n EX Episode 24, we took a look at the Taito DLC pack for Dariusburst CS. It featured an amazing amount of content and some truly great BGM tracks, not to mention a low price tag, all things considered. Now it's time for round 2, featuring three DLC packs of the Sega variety! How do they stack up? Let's take a look!  

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