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Bullet Heaven: STG Chronicle PROLOGUE - The System, The Video

The STG Chronicle has begun. Our objective: catalog every Dreamcast shooting game! In this prologue, we take a look at the Sega Dreamcast and its many video output methods, plus our pick for the best way to capture amazing, crystal clear gameplay and sound!


Want to get great picture from your Dreamcast too? Get the BBS Toro, BBS Gekko and more at the Behar Bros. website! 

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Quarter Circle Forward Hardware Review: Hauppauge! HDPVR

If you're like me, then you enjoy making videos about the video games you play. Bullet Heaven is just one of the many video series I've been involved with revolving around my personal Game play style and interests.

I got into video editing in the summer of 2007. The idea was to create video blogs which, at the time, were very uncommon on the sites that I was a part of. My weapons of choice were a Sony Handycam Mini-DV camcorder with DV out, A Sony Cybershot 6 Megapixel digital camera with only 3X optical zoom, and all-important Pinnacle USB-710, which allowed for capture of 480p video through composite and S-Video inputs. It did its job admirably for four years, and has led to serise such as Press Pause Radio's own Bullet Heaven, which has been successful for two full seasons.

But the camera broke, the Cybershot is never charged and new, better capture devices are available to capture glorious high definition gameplay. It was time for an upgrade.

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