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Mudprints Unboxes: Battle Garegga Revision 2016 Premium Edition

er Flash unboxes the Battle Garegga Revision 2016 Premium Edition from M2. What's inside?

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Bullet Heaven, Episode 164 - Dariusburst CS 8ing DLC (PC/PS4/Vita)

Dariusburst is STILL trucking along with great DLC In wave four, we take a look at three new ships and new stages based on incredible darcade games by Raizing, now under the 8ing banner! How does it stack up?

Get the Dariusburst CS 8ing packs on STEAM or PSN!!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 113 - Soukyugurentai

any a time, a game can become legendary because of how hard it is to find or how much it costs. Only rarely does a game become a legend based on its gameplay alone, but Soukyugurentai seems to do so. But how does it do it? Watch to find out...  

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 73 - Kingdom Grand Prix

hippu Mahou Daisakusen (疾風魔法大作戦): Kingdom Grand Prix, otherwise translated (depending how you interpret it) as "Gale Great Battle of Magic" or "Hurricane Magic Armageddon: Kingdom Grand Prix" is a mouthful to say as well as slick racing/shmup hybrid! But how does this nifty mashup blend together? Watch to find out.

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