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QCF: Moss

n the media that we digest, there exist a plethora of fictional worlds that remain with many of those who have visited them for years on after, purely through the magic of that universe’s inherent intrigue. Video games in particular, have been able to craft exceptionally memorable settings because of the advantage of interaction that they can offer to the players who travel to their worlds, and the introduction of Virtual Reality has opened up a whole new plane of possibilities for world building.

Fledgling developer Polyarc recognized this potential, and sought out to produce a fantasy realm that permeated a larger-than-life sense of adventure that utilized all of the horsepower that the PlayStation VR peripheral could output with their puzzle-based platformer, MOSS. Even though there aren’t many contemporaries that can compare to the ambitious scale of Polyarc’s premier release, to begin with, the team was still able to produce a charming journey with a distinctive identity of its own, and follow through on a promising start towards what may be the first true killer-app that the PlayStation VR has seen since its launch.

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