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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 43 - Gunstar Heroes

In this episode of Bullet Heaven, we review the series' first run-n-gun, and man, is it a classic! Get ready for Gunstar Heroes! As the legendary Treasure's first ever effort, can it shine as brightly as it did in 1993? Daeruna and I tackle it in HD on the PS3!

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One of 77 Million...

The ‘external intrusion’ that caused Sony to yank the Playstation Network and resulted in the data theft of over 77 million customers is a major inconvenience to say the least. Precautionary steps such as canceling credit cards, changing passwords, and monitoring reports have become a priority with those fearful of identity theft. Online gamers have either moved on to other game networks or are stuck in a waiting rut. In the worst cases YouTube videos have been posted where children sulk and throw their Playstation 3 in the garbage.

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Sony and the Future of Digital Distribution

Members of the gaming community are well aware of the recent events surrounding Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) and its failure to protect consumer data. Because of this, the public might become a little more wary of digital transactions.

In the past decade, more companies have shifted towards digital distribution. It makes your favorite games easier to buy, while offering opportunities for smaller developers to also publish games. Services like Steam -- possibly the best example of "correct" digital distribution to date -- also allow online shoppers to receive great discounts on many popular titles. Unfortunately, in other cases, it's also giving some publishers and developers more control than most consumers want them to have. Some of the personal requirements are also ridiculous, making it mandatory for users to input vital information if they wish to obtain and download software. 

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