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QCF: Joe Danger 2: The Movie

Lights, Camera, Cliché! As the mine cart’s wheels begin to bellow with friction against the tracks, Joe finds himself back in the spotlight filming his very own movie. Pretty sweet gig, too, unless you count the grenades and lava pits. Hello Games is at it again with the sequel to 2010’s PlayStation 3 timed exclusive indie hybrid of Trials and Excitebike; and while the original Joe Danger offered a straightforward take on racing with some platforming, Joe Danger 2 takes that that concept and accelerates it to new levels of depth. The result, however, concludes to a sputtering mess when the dust all clears…

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QCF: NiGHTS into Dreams HD

Any Sega Saturn fan worth his or her salt has seen, heard of or played Sonic Team's NiGHTS into Dreams at some point. Like many of the best cult classics out there, it took a while for NiGHTS to achieve mainstream popularity despite critical success, and it became a title that was well respected and sought after long after the Sega Saturn died. 

When Sega began porting Saturn and Dreamcast classics to this generation's systems, NiGHTS into Dreams almost instantly became one of the most-requested titles by fans. For years they begged and now, Sega has finally delivered with NiGHTS into Dreams HD.

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QCF: Hell Yeah: Wrath of The Dead Rabbit

The internet sure is a funny thing, it can be the outlet for every resource you happen to be in need of imaginable, even if it’s an album of lewd pictures of a naked evil demon lord rabbit, bathing with his wittle rubber ducky! Arkedo, the developer behind of the string of indie games like Big Bang Mini and The Arkedo Series which includes the games SWAP!, PIXEL!, and JUMP!. Now backed with the major publisher SEGA, Arkedo successfully releases it latest title Hell Yeah: The Wrath of The Dead Rabbit, where you assume the control of anti-hero Ash, Prince of Hell, on a quest to recover…nudie pics.

While there is an abundance of indie side-scrolling platformers available on nearly every medium imaginable these days, Hell Yeah does its part to distinguish itself from the masses through a unique explosion of colors and charisma that will excite the synapses, with details of art unlike anything truly seen within a game before…

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 57 - A.O. Suguri X 

ROUND 2... FIGHT! ...SHOOT!... Uh, OK, I'll stop that now. In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD we take a look at another nifty genre bender in the vein of Senk no Ronde (Xbox 360)! How does it stack up? 

Special thanks to Rockin' Android for giving us this copy for review!! 

Did you like what you saw here today? Questions and comments are not only welcome but encouraged! Season 3 is a wrap! See you all in Season 4, STARTING SOON! 


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QCF: Tokyo jungle

In the seemingly desolate urban ruins of the once established city of Tokyo, a creature emerges. A tiny Pomeranian dog reveals himself out in the open, casting aside his thin veil of secrecy the tall grass in streets of Dogenzaka provided. Grazing in the distance in front of a department store, a lone rabbit is quietly stalked by the Pomeranian, completely unaware of impending doom that lurks upon it. As the Pomeranian readies its strike, a giant lion bursts through the window of the department store and mauls them both into submission. The lion is pleased with his newly acquired meal…until he’s interrupted with a challenge from a pack of chimpanzees and its cleat-wearing leader.

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QCF: Double Dragon Neon

You know those nostalgic feelings you get when you see or hear something that makes you feel like you're a single-digit age again? I freaking love that feeling. I've said before that you can't really make nostalgia for yourself, but when others manage do it, it can be a great thing.

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QCF: Legasista

Dungeon crawlers have been touch-and-go as of late. Sure, they’re addictive and they’ll quench the thirst of anyone who’s looking for a hearty challenge, but boy, they can be a burn. Where the genre became insipid, however, was the frequency of these all too similar experiences, and their releases lumped in so closely with one another. Refreshment is in the air for this once ambitious genre, and its name is Legasista.

From NIS America, Legasista tells of a tower covered in an ivy growth that climbs to the heavens; in it is an ancient weapon capable of granting miracles and unleashing utter destruction. Grounding the conventions of the dungeon formula, Legasista outlines its intentions pretty clearly to bridge the gap of accessibility for the obtuse crawler types. The story of one boy and his task to undertake the ultimate sacrifice hits most targets and marks a stimulating sign of the dungeon crawler heading in the right direction.

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QCF: Way Of The Samurai 4

As the ferryman paddles the boat to dock, a ronin departs the floating vessel, setting foot into the villiage of Amihama, a town rife with tense conflict. The violent dispute is a direct response to Japan’s transition of isolationism to active foreign diplomacy, and the warriors to lead the challenge are a group of Radical nationalists, the “Disciples of Prajna,” the Shogunate government, and British diplomats. Each of the groups being at odds with one another, The ronin plays a deciding factor towards the destiny of Japan, and his actions will forever alter the fate of Japan.

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