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PPR Presents Play Play: Project AXSX Demo

ne of the more intricate nuances of video game culture strangely enough is all of the content that doesn’t leave the cutting room floor. The unreleased treasure trove of games and levels comprise a sense of personal history that actively distinguishes video games from any other media form to this very day.

When these canceled bits of code and projects actually manage to see the light of day, the gaming community strives to make sure that spread the forbidden lovejoy of these unearthed games for as many as they can to play it; and sometimes, it takes some fan efforts to go on and finish what the original team never could. Chris Senn’s effort for the famous hedgehog’s flagship Saturn effort for example is a holy grail of sorts for unreleased games; and a team of fans by the name of Project AXSX has taken it upon themselves to deliver a fan completion of the mythical Sonic X-treme.

We got our hands on a demo of it, a really early work-in-progress of it, and well, we try to be really over optimistic over whether or not this ambitious take on the blue blur deserves to exist.

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