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QCF: Puppeteer

t’s no secret that indie developers have reclaimed the renaissance of the side-scrolling platformer has been led by the indie development front, and ironically have tooled the remnants of Japanese game design and the charm it instilled from the 90’s into the modern conventions in their present titles.  A certain development team however has blipped on the radar as exception to the trend and has demonstrated the magic that the land of the rising sun is capable of—Japan Studio. With surprising hits like Gravity Rush and Tokyo Jungle under the belt, they’ve proven to be a worthy to the PlayStation brand, and aimed to do it again with their latest release Puppeteer.

While the aim was earnest however, this whimsical run ‘n jump venture could have used some more time behind the current before appearing on stage; Puppeteer is an endearing but ultimately rough act to sit through.

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PPR 71

an, a game with a floating disembodied old man head has our early vote for the next Game of The Year folks! You heard it here first! Oh and Sony did show off their latest console to help usher in the next generation for video games, the PlayStation 4. Among the talk we’ve got some emails with some late confessions, thoughts towards Aliens: Colonial Marines, and we share our condolences for our favorite game enthusiast/journalism and media website on the internet-1UP.com. Jeremy Parish and company continued the legacy after so many have left and we indulge on why 1UP was so important to all of us. Rate and subscribe to us iTunes today and be sure to stop by at our Forums and register as well!

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PAX Prime 2012: Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Preview

Junctionpoint is at it once again, with work going towards the sequel for the 2010’s Epic Mickey. While its predecessor was criticized for a faulty control scheme and archaic platform mechanics, the studio claims they acknowledged these shortcomings and capitalized on what worked and the addition of drop-in/drop-out cooperative play with Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Hands-on impressions of current build are… mixed.

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