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QCF: The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief

f anyone has noticed over the last few years, it seems as if adventure games are coming back in a big way. With the success of companies like Telltale Games and Double Fine leading a rebirth of the point and click genre, many other games will undoubtedly try to capitalize. So my initial response to seeing The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief was one of disinterest and disappointment. After playing through all three chapters of this title, I can say that there is disappointment still lingering however not in the way that I would have imagined.

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QCF: The Last of Us

n the dilapidated remains of crumbling edifice that provides the little refuge in the quarantined limits of Central Boston, a man awakens suddenly. His eyes emit a strong sense of fatigue -- the fatigue of survival. After 20 years of hardship that warped and conditioned an earnest man into a smuggling misanthrope, he stumbles upon a job opportunity that proves to be bigger than himself, a journey that unfolds an experience more human than anything that has ever been inside of a PlayStation 3 before it.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 58 - Under Defeat HD

elcome back to Bullet Heaven! Rising Star Games is back - in the same year, no less - with another physical shoot em up release! Bullet Heaven takes a look at G-Rev's Under Defeat HD, with special thanks to Rising Star Games for supplying our copy for review! This controversial release saw an original release back in 2005 on Naomi Arcade and Dreamcast... so just how does this helicopter-based shooter fare...? 



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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 57 - A.O. Suguri X 

ROUND 2... FIGHT! ...SHOOT!... Uh, OK, I'll stop that now. In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD we take a look at another nifty genre bender in the vein of Senk no Ronde (Xbox 360)! How does it stack up? 

Special thanks to Rockin' Android for giving us this copy for review!! 

Did you like what you saw here today? Questions and comments are not only welcome but encouraged! Season 3 is a wrap! See you all in Season 4, STARTING SOON! 


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 56 - Kyuiin

Space fighters and heavily-armed mecha are overrated, especially when you have the utter destructive power of a.... vacuum cleaner??

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