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Bullet Heaven Unboxes - Super SD System 3

Wear and tear is killing older CD-Based systems at a pretty alarming rate, and major components don't have replacement on the horizon... but there's a way to keep wear and tear on PC Engine and Turbografx 16 CD hardware and software: The Super SD System 3 from Terra Onion! Let's see what's inside!

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Mudprints Unboxes: FX-Unit Yuki: The Henshin Engine 

A new PC Engine game in 2018?! You better believe it, and what an excellent production value it has! In this Mudprints Unboxes, we're taking a look at FX-Unit Yuki: The Henshin Ensgine by Sarumaru!


Visit Sarumaru's Youtube channel!
Get FX Unit Yuki here!

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Mudprints Unboxes FHR - Stoneage Gamer Engine Block AV

ow does one get the best picture out of a non-cd Turbografx-16 or PC Engine? Stoneage Gamer might have the answer! In this epsiode of Mudprints unboxes, we take a look at the Engine Block AV from Stonage Gamer!


get the Engine Block AV! - http://www.stoneagegamer.com/engine-block-av-turbobooster.html

The best RGB Cables! - https://retro-access.com/

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 155 - Galaga '90

alaga is a classic gaming essential that most people have played. Galaga '88 though? Not so much, since the arcade boards were much more uncommon. Thankfully, it was ported to the PC Engine and Turbografx-16! How does this reborn classic stack up? Lat's take a look!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 126 - Deep Blue

h, dear God... Does Deep Blue beat D-Force as "The Worstest?" Watch to find out...  

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 100 - Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire

pisode 100 has finally happened, and we're taking a look at the legendary Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire for the PC Engine. With the awesome Arcade Card backing it up, how does Sapphire stack up??



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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 93 - Daisenpu Custom

aisenpu Custom is an enhanced version of the original Daisenpu, also known as Twin Hawk. Making its way to the PC Engine CD ROM 2 though, is it really the most definitive version? Watch to find out how it stacks up.


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 76 - Xevious: Fardraut Densetsu

ne of the very first scrolling shooters from the very dawn of gaming itself is Xevious, released by Namco all the way back in 1982. Introducing time-tested gameplay mechanics that would last over 3 decades, Xevious saw numerous ports and spinoffs. One such game is Xevious: Fardraut Densetsu on the PC Engine, released in 1990...

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