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Hands on: Nintendo 3DS

Weeks ago, we analyzed some of the launch titles and preparations in store for the Nintendo 3DS. Since then we've had the privilege of getting some hands on experience with the gadget, exploring much of what Nintendo has to offer during its initial launch. Our options seemed easily debatable at first, with two titles being recreations and the other usually catering to a specific market outside of the "core" gamer audience.

So how do these releases stack up after some time with the console? Apart from the three flagship launch titles, we'll also take a look at some of the other feature programs included with the 3DS, along with a revisited Nintendo classic coming later.

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Examining Nintendo 3DS Launch Titles

Nintendo had recently announced the games (and prices) to be released during the initial launch of the revolutionary 3DS. Three of them are Nintendo-published titles, with the remaining 13 being offered by third party developers. So how does this launch seem to stack up, especially when compared to previous handheld launches?

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Looking Back - Revisiting Nintendo Handhelds

Nintendo has dominated the world of portable gaming for decades, innovating and revolutionizing how we play on the go. Through it all, the company's vision for a handheld console has transformed from a device used only in cars, waiting rooms and airplanes, to something gamers can compare to other major home consoles on the market. Since the days of opening our first Game & Watch favorites and playing them on the go, Nintendo continues to deliver some of the most unforgettable moments of portable joy.

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